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Short Term Apartment Rentals In Central Budapest

Budapest is home to several tourist centers, architectural masterpieces, and nightlife options that keep visitors pouring in at all seasons. The city has 23 districts, with each district bringing its attractions that holds almost daily in the District Seven.

The city is also a business hub in Europe, so it attracts a lot of business tourists, too. Finding a place to stay as a short term visitor in Central Budapest can be expensive and daunting at first, which is why you need to read this article.

Different groups of people come to Budapest for several various reasons, and they all need accommodation that fit their budgets and lifestyle.


Tourists on a budget

Tourists on a budget that intend to stay in Central Budapest are better suited to hostels than hotels. Although Central Budapest is more expensive than some other parts of Budapest, you can still find some budget-friendly hostels to lodge. You can also find cheap studio apartments, especially if you find a roommate to split the rent with you.


There are a lot of self-catering apartments in Central Budapest, especially if you have small children. These are mostly rented monthly. There are also medium to large villas if you need more space.

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Luxury Travelers

Luxury short term rentals in Central Budapest. There are penthouses with amazing views, luxury services, and facilities. You can also get a luxury self-catering townhouse with a pool and free Wi-Fi.

Business people

Business tourists and visitors can find a lot of short term apartment options with office space in the central business district. Some hotels offer a private apartment that has an office space and internet connection, and cable TV access for a fee, allowing you to work without any distractions. You can also get serviced apartments that offer you space and flexibility for your work.

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