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Reason Why You Should Rent a Flat in Luxembourg

Luxembourg is a small country located at the heart of Western Europe. The country is famous all over the world because of many factors. There are lots of things this country has to offer to its residents. So, if you have plans to move here and intending to stay in the country longer, you need to find an excellent place to stay. Below are some of the reasons why it is a good idea to move and rent a flat in Luxembourg.

Excellent location

As mentioned earlier, Luxembourg is at the center of Western Europe. It has easy access to several essential cities. The country borders with France, Belgium, and Germany making it a unique position of being the gateway to different European activities.

You can connect faster to the entire continent by air. Paris is just two hours away by land and less than an hour by air. If you want to go to London, you can reach it within an hour by air and two hours to reach Berlin. Because of easy access to various countries, Luxembourg is an excellent place for those who have businesses around the continent.

Different cultures

The unique part about Luxembourg is its high population of expatriates and foreigners. People from different countries who come for work, study, or leisure have easy access because of its outstanding immigration system. Around 45% of its population are foreigners.

Because of this, there are lots of different cultures that you can find around the country. Every continent around the world has its representative. So, if you need to work in Luxembourg, you will feel at home since there are lots of foreigners here.


High-Quality of Living

If you search for the wealthiest countries around the world, Luxembourg is one of them because of its outstanding GDP per-capita. You will see it in the high-quality of life enjoyed by its workers and residents. People are receiving good salaries here. Many Michelin-starred restaurants are operating here. Also, there are lots of elegant and excellent museums and galleries around to please you.

And even if it is a bit expensive to live here, it is worth it as it has exceptional public service, beautiful sceneries, and a low crime rate.

Impressive outdoors

The country has one of the most attractive places on earth. It has picturesque hills and verdant parks. It is the place that you can call paradise. From the hilly area of the Ardennes forest to Little Switzerland in the Mullerthal area, everywhere you go in this country is quite attractive. And if you love hiking, then make Luxembourg the home that can provide you endless fun.

Family friendly

Another reason to rent an apartment here is its family-friendly laws and nature. Luxembourg allows married couples to pay an income tax lower than what singles pay. It will help new families in their financial situation.

Likewise, the private nursery schools in Luxembourg are much cheaper as compared to London by 15%. It is less expensive than in New York by 50%.

So, with the above reasons, you will surely have exciting days ahead.

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