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Phuket Dev Ltd. is, Phuket’s leading real estate agency, operating under the banner of the Phuket Real Estate Groups. Our company was formed to meet the requirement of customers looking for a professional company, with professional foreign management, to build individual quality homes to European specifications (as far as is possible) in Thailand.

Our experts have over 20 years building experience in the U.K. and worked on both the Professional side of the business designing, specifying projects and undertaking the contract project management and also on the practical side of the business running a successful Building Development company in the U.K.

Purchasing land and property in a foreign country can be a daunting task at best: more so in the land of smiles. We could recount many horror stories of buildings being built with inadequate foundations (and subsequently falling down), buildings being built contrary to local laws and the owners landed with the responsibility for the payments to put matters to rights, houses with no water supplies and so on – the list is multitudinous. Most of these problems arise due to inadequate and careless advice. This is unsurprising in a country where computer salesmen and sailors from overseas set up business the next day as Estate Agents or Property Consultants in Thailand – we kid you not. Obviously putting your trust in people with little or no experience can lead to disaster for you.

This is where the expertise of our joint directors of the Phuket Real Estate Group, with over 9 years of combined experience in dealing with Thai bureaucracy: can help make the construction of your home in Paradise, a pleasant one. We promise to reward the trust you place in us by giving you honest advice and looking after your interests with professional care.

Once we have acquired your land our professional team will take you through the process of design, materials to be used, costings, building permits, project management etc. right through to handing over the keys to your home in Paradise.

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