Luxembourg Rentals: Tips on Flat Sharing in Luxembourg

Choosing the right flat-sharing properties in Luxembourg is quite challenging, but this guide will help you get things done correctly.

Rent a Room

If you want to rent a room in Luxembourg, then first you need to know how much it will cost you. There is no regulation on the price range on the room rental. It may range between EURO 700- 950, and added expenses are included.

Some privately rented rooms do not inform their potential tenant that there will be an added electricity and internet charges. It would help if you asked about it, so you will not get surprised.

Know the Peak Periods

January, February, and September are the peak months. Sorting your accommodation earlier, maybe four to six weeks before the peak months arrive, is a good idea. This will prevent you from getting disappointed or under pressure.

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Some interns usually start in September and in February, adding pressure on the rental industry in Luxembourg.

Three Month Deposits

It is a common practice in Luxembourg homeowners to ask for three-month rent as a deposit on sharing a new flat. If you are lucky enough, you’ll find a flat that will ask for two months’ rent deposit. Additionally, you only need to have a CDI or Contrat a Dure Indeterminate to be considered as a tenant.

Even if flat-sharing companies ask for only a two-month deposit, you still need to prepare the amount if you have plans to move. Don’t forget to ask for a receipt of the payment for the deposit.

Find a Reliable Agency

You may or may not get the help of an agency. These agencies assure quality standards. This will make the entire process of searching much easier and faster.

rent a room Luxembourg

In general, the agency will ask for one month’s rent as a fee for their services in helping you find the best room for you. You can find an agency that offers its service at the lowest price possible. The agency can help you find the cheapest for rent room in Luxembourg. Some competitors would add services like additional insurance and professional maintenance.

Be Careful Stay Away from Scammers

There are lots of private rooms for rent in Luxembourg that are renting privately, and there are some cases that your deposit being lost. The room is usually rented out without the property’s owner’s consent, and it could be a problem once they find out. One way to determine if you are dealing with a scammer is if they do not allow you to register at the town hall.

Choose a place where you feel comfortable and at peace. When checking the flat, focus on the cleanliness of the kitchen or the common areas. Make sure your landlord or agency is approachable to answer all your questions.

As a precautionary measure, it is best if you increase your budget, just in case you prefer a room that is a bit higher in price than your set budget.

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