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Green Designs For Your Home

An eco-friendly house can help you save money on electricity bills and can significantly help the environment.  If you want an eco-friendly house, you have to utilize eco-friendly designs and construction materials to make it sustainable.

Keep in mind where your house is facing.  If a house is faced north, it can have more shading during the summer and more sunlight during the winter.  Also use shades over windows to keep heat and glare.  This can help decrease the energy needed for heating and cooling your house.

Install solar panels for energy source.  Solar panels are sustainable, don’t create harmful emissions and helps you save on energy bills.

Use windows that trap heat.  When sealed properly, heat trapping windows reduces the heat during the summer and increases heat during the winter season.

Save water by using shower head that have good pressure and toilets that do not need to be flushed twice.  Collect rainwater and use it for watering the plants on your backyard.

Invest in good insulation.  Insulation keeps a house warm in the winter and cool in the summer.  This will decrease your energy costs for heating and cooling.

Grow plants that do not need much water.  Plant native grasses on your lawn because they require less water compared to the non-native grasses.

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