Baan Chailei

Situated on a cliff overlooking one of the world’s most popular beaches this development will definitely be one of southern Thailand’s more prominent resort communities.

With traditional Thai style architecture on large 1200 m 2 lots, this exclusive community helps set the standard for luxurious resort accommodations on Phuket. Each of the 24 properties is specifically designed to maintainthe panoramic ocean view, comes with a private pool, andwill cater to a variety of international lifestyles.

Standard Building Specifications
• Reinforced Concrete Block and Steel
• Concrete Roof Tiles
• Weather Resistant Doors and Windows
• All Mechanical and Electrical to International Standards

Exterior Finishing
• Landscaped Gardens
• Exterior Accent Lighting
• Illuminated Driveways
• Cultured Stone Walkways
Standard Home Design
• Traditional Thai Style Roofs
• Expansive Terraces
• Spacious Interiors
• Private Plunge Pools
Interior Finishing
• Terra Cotta Flooring
• Fully Fitted Kitchens
• Vaulted Ceilings
• Air Conditional Throughout
Development Guidelines
• Panoramic Ocean Views
• Luxurious Estate Villas
• Above Average Lot Sizes
• Professionally Landscaped
• Gardens Comprehensive
• Property Management
• Underground Utilities
• Architectural Control 24 Hour Security

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