Ho Chi Minh

Phuket real estate

Phuket Dev Ltd. is, Phuket’s leading real estate agency, operating under the banner of the Phuket Real Estate Groups. Our company was formed to meet the requirement of customers looking for a professional company, with professional foreign management, to build individual quality homes to European specifications (as far as is possible) in Thailand.

Baan Chailei

Situated on a cliff overlooking one of the world’s most popular beaches this development will definitely be one of southern Thailand’s more prominent resort communities.

River & Fifth Toronto

River & Fifth Condos will be located along the west bank of the Don River on Defries Street, between Queen Street East and Dundas Street East.

Appraised Value

Real Estate Listings: 6 Marketing and Real Estate SEO Tips an Agent Should Know

Real estate listings are just like any other listings on the internet: no one would buy it if it’s not eye-catching. Customers want to know each of the details in a listing to ensure validity and quality. Getting this result in real estate is harder than regular online listings. You need to optimize your listings properly to get the attention of potential buyers. Here are the things you can follow to optimize traffic on your listing and gain more prospective buyers.

Budapest cruise

Short Term Apartment Rentals In Central Budapest

Budapest is home to several tourist centers, architectural masterpieces, and nightlife options that keep visitors pouring in at all seasons. The city has 23 districts, with each district bringing its attractions that holds almost daily in the District Seven.

Abu Dhabi condos

6 unbelievable things you never knew about buying property in Abu Dhabi

Abu Dhabi, the capital city of UAE is also one of the most favorable places for those looking to invest in real estate. The real estate market has been favorable to buyers in recent years. It is a buyer’s market and the surplus supply has also resulted in making the market favorable for those looking to buy a property in Abu Dhabi as an investment. If you do not have any particular property in mind and if you are looking for the best leads that can give you search journey a good jumpstart then visit the Abu Dhabi Real Estate section on Fazwaz website.

Cambodia real estate

What Makes Cambodia Real Estate Popular to Chinese?

The flourishing economy of Cambodia has led to an increasing need for accommodation. This has lead rental to yield eight to ten percent and fifteen percent asset appreciation a year. This makes the nation’s property a perfect investment for Chinese investors who are in search of possible assets internationally.